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This year, GANTECH has been involved with VMware in a number of Horizon Air deployments. It is a very exciting opportunity to help drive adoption and make our customers successful in their EUC roadmaps. The Horizon Air platform is continuously maturing, providing new features to simplify the delivery of desktops and applications. As more and more VMware customers are evaluating Desktop as a Service (DaaS), my recommendation is to start at the beginning. Sometimes, you just need to go back to the basics. All virtual desktop projects should begin with an assessment of the existing environment to provide you the information needed to plan the right solution.

Any assessment should be thorough because you’ll need to understand what users are doing, how they do it, when they do it, and where they need to do it from. You’ll also need to know the applications in use and dependencies on other applications or services in or out of the data center. In addition, it is important to understand how the desktops are managed including desktop and profile management software, as well as anti-virus software. I’m not going to go into detail on the interpretation of the assessment data, but take a look at some of the blogs from my co-workers and GANTECH Consultants that go into great detail around interpreting the assessment data and application delivery methods available.

All of the information above will help you determine the appropriate type of desktop, application delivery methods and management for either Horizon Air or Horizon View. I think assessing an environment for Horizon Air desktops is actually easier than an assessment for Horizon View. What you won’t need to do when assessing for Horizon Air is determine the infrastructure that is required to run that desktop. Horizon Air eliminates that challenge. There’s no need to work through the effort of determining the server hardware for compute or the type of storage array to support the desktop. There’s no need for the space, power, data center cooling, no procurement time for the servers, no long days racking, stacking, and cabling those servers. You don’t need any additional infrastructure to run the Horizon Air desktops.

Once you’ve reviewed your assessment data and determined the size and number of the desktops needed, you can purchase the desktops through the myvmware portal. Think small, medium, or large desktops, RDSH applications, or one Workspace to present all of the above (through vIDM – formerly Workspace -coming soon!). Once you’ve made the purchase, VMware will contact you to begin discussions on the few options needed to complete the order. A very simple process to get you started on your DaaS journey.

Starting with an assessment allows for an evaluation of the environment and processes giving the opportunity to plan where you want to be. DaaS can change the way you operate and pave the way for more mature and efficient delivery and operation methods. If you can keep one thought while evaluating your processes, I would suggest focusing on the future – not what you are doing right now.

Simply put – take the time to assess! Doing so will provide the ingredients for a well thought out delivery, adoption, and management strategy for both the users as well as the whole of the organization.

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