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We recently had an opportunity to partner with a large Midwestern University to collaboratively design and implement a “digital lab” solution for two new online courses the University was delivering. The University chose to use VMware’s Horizon Air Desktops and vCloud Air for infrastructure for rapid deployment, scalability, and a premium experience. One particular challenge was that the solution had to be online within six weeks. If the solution were successful, Horizon Air Desktops and vCloud Air could become a larger part of the University offering to all students, not only for these two online courses. VMware brought GANTECH to the University as the EUC Elite Partner of choice.

Part of the GANTECH mission is to take our customers, internal and external, to the next level. We strive to not only provide the right solution but also elevate our customer’s knowledge. We take the time to listen, innovate, and collaborate to reach the right solution. Over the next few weeks, the GANTECH team met with University Administration and faculty to determine the course requirements, course workflow, application needs and infrastructure to collaboratively sketch out what the overall design would look like and what it would take to build that solution.

As a VMware Partner, communication and coordination is something we do on behalf of our customers. We have a great relationship with VMware and that helps us streamline the processes for customers like the University to have them up and on boarded fast. We work with both the VMware Horizon Air and the vCloud Air teams to have the infrastructure provisioned and available for use as quickly as possible. Once the environments were provisioned, our team went to work putting that sketch together.

Through the remaining weeks, GANTECH and the University continued to share ideas, modify the original sketch, build and continue to test the solution until faculty was satisfied that not only the students but that they would also have an excellent experience in their digital lab. Look for my next post where I’ll discuss more of the solution details as well as the operational challenges that we helped this University overcome.

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