GANTECH’s Eric Spiegel, vice president of EUC Solutions, previewed our EUC deployment for Seventy Seven Energy (77NRG) in an earlier post and now we’d like to share 77NRG team’s perspective of the project.

As a quick recap, Seventy Seven Energy (NYSE: SSE) is a diversified oilfield services company that has 3,500 employees distributed throughout the country. With the majority of its employees – approximately 2,500 – in the field and outside of a traditional workplace environment, the company needed a solution that gave their employees the freedom and security to access their PC and applications from any location and at any time. 77NRG selected VMware Horizon Air as the portal to host its virtual PCs.

As a preferred partner, GANTECH successfully deployed Horizon Air cloud-hosted desktops for users to access several applications, including email and SAP. This deployment took 77NRG to the next level of efficient collaboration.

The company’s Jarin Dykstra, senior manager of information systems, discusses why 77NRG teamed with VMware to deploy the enterprise-wide environment and how the solution elevates the end-user experience.

According to Mr. Dykstra, users have loved the new environment. Employees love it because they can leave for the day, get the kids to bed and then startup again exactly where they left off on the exact same application.

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