Jay Elis



As President, Jay provides direction in:

  • Sales, marketing, customer relations, and business development across the company’s strategic business units
  • Enacting and achieving the company’s growth strategy
  • The company’s growth, quality, and best practice initiatives to ensure operational consistency
  • Overseeing day to day, internal and external operations


Jay enjoys new challenges and appreciates healthy competition. He believes in the need to hustle to achieve a goal, but knows the hustle can never stop because there is always another goal in the queue waiting to be conquered! Jay’s initiative and drive began at a young age. Attending private high school, he made a commitment with his parents to work a variety of jobs to be able to finance the tuition. His determination and work ethic continued through college, founding and running his own successful business, as well as holding key positions in both the public and private sectors with increased responsibility, visibility, and client interaction. Jay believes in treating people with respect and engaging in active listening in order to understand where people want to go and to help them get there. Understanding the importance of continual improvement, he focuses on managing inefficiencies to effectively attain results. Jay is leading GANTECH to achieve results in the near and mid-term, while upholding the corporate brand promise to be a Responsive Strategic Partner Delivering Secure Innovative Solutions. Jay holds a BS and an MBA, as well as multiple executive leadership and management certificates from the University of Maryland, Villanova University, and the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.


There aren’t many days that go by where I didn’t wish I was out in a boat on the Chesapeake. Even though I’m too impatient to not use a powerboat, I often think of this sailing metaphor by John Maxwell, “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” I believe even the smallest incremental change can deliver great forward momentum.

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