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Well, what’s going to be the big news for End User Computing in 2016. In 2015, I spoke to many customers about the exciting developments in the industry. These were largely focused on persona management and application packaging. 2016 will surely build on these technologies and see them more tightly integrated with both on premises and off premises deployments.

Here are some areas I think we will surely seeing some exciting innovation:

  1. Application Automation: In 2015, software vendors like VMware and Liquidware Labs were refining their core products suites and adding features. An ongoing challenge around application management is application packaging. I think we will see some automation features in 2016. It’s rumored VMware is working on an updated “platform agnostic” packaging tool that may streamline these efforts.
  2. Hyperconvergence:  The hyperconverged industry has been very busy. The high points in 2015 may be VMware’s announcement of Project Enzo and the IPO announcement from Nutanix. This IT vertical has been very busy with lots of vendors. VMware may be a disrupter this year with Project Enzo goes GA. The chatter at VMworld and information on the blog posted by Sumit Dhawan, speak of “…create and scale desktops at cloud speed” and “Hybrid Cloud Flexibility”. I do believe VMware has the right ingredients for a very compelling product. Nutanix’s IPO continue to propel their products, both software and hardware, forward.
  3. Move to the cloud: Adoption of desktops in the cloud has continued to grow. I’m not sure we will see a great surge in 2016, only a continued movement away from on premises VDI. Cloud-based desktop solutions do not have full feature parity with on premises. This has slowed the adoption to the cloud slightly. As more IT organizations move their server workloads to the cloud, desktop workloads should not be far behind.
  4. Persona Management: The field was busy with persona management updates and announcements in 2015. VMware acquired Immidio and released UEM (User Environment Manager). This product enhanced VMware View’s persona management capability significantly. In 2016, this trend will continue. Looks for more enhancements to UEM with more integration with other ecosystem products from VMware. Also, Liquidware Labs will continue to enhance ProfileUnity. I believe ProfileUnity and FlexApp will push the envelope with application isolation.
  5. Containers: OK, so maybe not really an “EUC thing” (yet…). I do believe Containers, really Docker, are the next major evolution to virtualization. And, they will likely have a play in the desktop world. There are vendors offering “desktop containers” like Turbo.net andSpoon.net. These solutions are really designed for physical desktops or at least non-persistent. Large players like VMware and Microsoft have shown great interest in containers and Docker. VMware has Project Photon based on a “light” ESXi OS that hosts “containerized” workloads. I think this application portability idea may begin to bleed into or enhance similar technologies like ThinApp and App Volumes.

I’m looking forward to more exciting EUC and virtualization developments in 2016. I know there will be more exciting industry news as we dive into another exciting year.

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