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End-User Computing (EUC) Solutions

The EUC Roadmap

GANTECH’s experience in building pragmatic IT roadmaps and integrating leading EUC Solutions creates a streamlined IT transformation that keeps companies one step ahead of the competition. The EUC Roadmap guides the design of virtualized environments that combine high value with easy management for companies.

Hover over each phase of the EUC Transformational Roadmap to learn about the benefits of taking your EUC solutions to the next level.

Phase 1

If your organization is stuck in Phase One, end users are likely experiencing multiple issues and the IT team is trying to triage inoperable technologies within your organization’s unoptimized PDI. Migration is the crucial first step in deploying an End-User Computing (EUC) environment. GANTECH helps customers migrate to an optimized PDI.

Phase 2

Once migrated to Phase Two, optimized PDI environments greatly simplify IT tasks and decrease user downtime when installing updates. Read more about migrating to an optimized PDI.

Phase 3

During Phase Three, desktop virtualization centralizes computer systems, simplifying IT management while creating a consistent, End-User Computing (EUC) experience across all devices. GANTECH designs optimized, scalable VDI environments and deploys thousands of virtual desktops into these environments both on-premise, using VMware Horizon View and Horizon DaaS, and in the cloud, using Horizon Air.

Phase 4

In Phase Four, ADI enables IT to control the delivery of applications across end-user mobile devices, creating managed service catalogs for corporate assets. When moving into Phase Four, it is important to know how the end user interfaces with the application. Is it accessed from a mobile platform? Is it browser-based? Can it be delivered independent of the end user’s virtual machine?​

This EUC Roadmap provides companies with distinct advantages, including:

  • Increased employee productivity and multiplatform support, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Protection of company and employee-owned assets through Centralized IT Management, which strengthens and protects corporate interests
  • Mobility that empowers any service, any resource, any application, any device, anywhere, anytime – seamlessly

EUC Solutions

EUC provides more flexibility and security, all while increasing efficiency and cost savings. As recognized leaders in EUC and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), GANTECH delivers a wide range of solutions.

GANTECH EUC Solutions features:

  • A team of leading EUC and virtualization experts, including a VMware® vExpert
  • Tailored solutions that include a full evaluation of your environment – identifying potential end-user performance issues – so GANTECH can construct a valid solution that exceeds user expectations
  • A commitment to effectively communicate change, especially when the change impacts the end-user experience; we listen to your needs and make your end users’ experience a priority

Our approach ensures that we understand where performance issues may arise so that we construct an EUC Solution that is validated from end-to-end for every user, every device, and every app.

Contact us to learn more about our EUC Solutions and how we can help you elevate the end-user experience.

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