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With an Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) v3 Expert leading GANTECH’s Managed Services, and nearly 90% of GANTECH’s Managed Services staff holding an ITIL certification, GANTECH is a go-to resource for ITIL consulting services. GANTECH is proud to be one of only 75 companies in the United States that is ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011-certified, upholding the global standard for information technology service management (ITSM).

ITIL enables organizations to define, build, monitor, and report on IT services to achieve a high level of IT service organization-wide. With continued increase in virtualization and cloud computing, the need for support services that align with multiple technical and organizational domains is in greater demand. In order to improve service quality, manage risk, and proactively improve processes, GANTECH’s ITIL services provide the gold standard framework for guiding business process and continual improvement for ITSM.

ITIL Assessment

In order to get where you want to go, it’s essential to know where your journey begins. One of the most important aspects in understanding how to improve ITSM is knowing what to measure and then skillfully assessing, analyzing, and developing a baseline for delivering improvements. Once a baseline is developed, the processes needed to improve ITSM must be identified. The ultimate goals are to achieve greater insights into IT processes, improve service delivery, and improve customer satisfaction. GANTECH conducts ITIL assessments in the following stages:

  • Review  documents to understand internal processes and protocols
  • Interview key staff
  • Analyze findings based on benchmark against best practices
  • Present recommendations

The detailed report includes:

  • Gaps between your organization’s processes and industry best practices
  • Opportunities for improvement via a roadmap
  • Near-term opportunities that will enable significant wins and benefits to your organization

The ITIL assessment reviews the landscape, processes, and service levels across an enterprise, then benchmarks against industry performance standards. Next, a plan of action—or roadmap—can be developed.

Interested to learn more about GANTECH’s ITIL Assessment for your organization? Download our ITIL Assessment Overview or contact us today.

ITIL Training

The ITIL best practice framework brings positive impact to organizations that adopt its practical, no-nonsense approach to identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting business IT services. GANTECH’s ITIL Training educates your team on industry-standard best practices for IT service delivery, improving efficiencies, and ensuring proper alignment of IT services with the organization. Understanding the lifecycle of managing IT services provides value to your organization in innumerable ways:

  • Empowers your team to measure service performance and devise methods for improvement through customized, formal training
  • Ensures quality of services matches customer needs and expectations
  • Provides understanding of how to manage organizational risks for your IT services

GANTECH’s ITIL Training can be customized to suit the needs of each organization, with basic, foundational, intermediate, and advanced options. Most training tracks are coupled with an assessment or roadmap implementation. Download our ITIL Training overview today, or contact us for more details on the right training for your team.

ITIL Roadmap Implementation

The ITIL roadmap guides the process of implementing IT strategy using a structured, measurable, and prioritized methodology to optimize success, streamline communications, and support development of best practices during ITSM. GANTECH’s ITIL-certified experts will guide your organization through implementation and keep near-term priorities moving quickly to secure quick wins. Actions will be grouped by the process and made part of your service portfolio.

GANTECH will work with you to keep action items on track, define critical success factors, create and manage a schedule, and identify the team to own each action item so that key performance indicators (KPIs) are met.

Contact us to get started on your own roadmap to ITSM success.

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