Technology Services Offerings

GANTECH’s Technology Services offerings go above and beyond the status quo to deliver services that help organizations elevate the end-user experience. We manage the IT, process, and environment of our customers.

Mobile Application Development

In today’s mobile environment, it’s all about the apps and their accessibility on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. GANTECH’s architects prioritize the user experience throughout every stage of the mobile application development process to ensure the finished product exceeds users’ expectations.

Our mobile architects are versed in designing, developing, and launching:

  • Enterprise-level mobile platforms and applications
  • Fully native mobile applications
  • Mobile websites
  • Responsive website designs

Looking for a custom mobile application that elevates the user experience? Contact us today to learn more about our Technology Services.

Application Development

We are genuine collaborators. Before diving into any application development process, the GANTECH Technology Services team organizes a joint application design (JAD) workshop where we come together with your internal IT team to review the business requirements for the system, define functional enhancements, and establish a workflow strategy.

The outcomes of the JAD workshop guide us in our:

  • Database development
  • Custom programmed web development
  • System and data migration and integration
  • Web services development

Application Support and Maintenance

Extending the life of applications and ensuring applications remain relevant in an ever-changing business environment are core elements of GANTECH’s Application Support and Maintenance service offering. Our skilled technicians and IT architects, coupled with our comprehensive set of proven methodologies, including ITIL and ISO20000, enable customers to increase application efficiencies.

Web Application Development

GANTECH’s Technology Services team brings to the table more than 15 years of experience designing, documenting, developing, implementing, securing, and supporting web applications. We translate application requirements into the design of complex websites, including webpage and application integration.

Web Application Support and Maintenance

Web applications require constant monitoring and upgrading. Oftentimes, large teams are needed to manage the maintenance process. The advantage of web-based applications is they can be managed, monitored, and manipulated from any location to which users have access.

GANTECH’s Technology Services team designs, tests, and analyzes web application software with quality assurance benchmarks built in throughout the program. Our software quality assurance (SQA) plans help us establish and track quality throughout our engagement.

GANTECH’s Project Managers are certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). Our training and experience enables us to make use of traditional and agile project delivery based on what best fits the needs of the project and the organization. In addition to project management skills, GANTECH’s project managers are constantly learning and keeping up with new technology particularly with digital transformation.

GANTECH leverages Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies to create an environment in which projects and organizations can be successful by:

  • Ensuring expectations are clearly communicated between GANTECH and the organization’s IT leadership team, particularly the executive sponsor
  • Performing day-to-day management of the project
  • Encouraging consistency in project processes across departments
  • Providing solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining or improving performance levels
  • Exposing challenges and risks; recommending issue and risk mitigation strategies
  • Ensuring the work performed is within scope

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Network Support

GANTECH leverages the power of our in-house technology lab to give our team the ability to tinker with replicated client environments and grow their skillsets. We are able to replicate any IT environment, giving us the tools needed to quickly identify, troubleshoot, and implement customized IT solutions for our customers.

Our technology experts can install, configure, and restore any server to be used as an application server, web server, or database server. GANTECH’s commitment to connectivity and security extends to our infrastructure support. We ensure servers are current with firmware, drivers, patches, and security updates; we can secure a server for both local and remote access.

End User and Desktop Support

Employees are increasingly mobile and dispersed. End users want what they want, when they want it, and the way they want it to look and function.

End-User Computing (EUC) is the framework necessary for delivering essential applications to users via desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. GANTECH’s Technology Services innovation leaders are positioned to help you — and your users — achieve a higher quality EUC experience. Our comprehensive offering of end user and desktop support features:

  • 360-Degree Implementation: Installing, configuring, testing, maintaining, monitoring, troubleshooting, repairing, and upgrading end user workstation hardware; networked peripheral devices; and networking hardware products on any platform and operating system
  • Predictive Analytics: On-site analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of complex PC problems for a variety of end users; and implementation of corrective hardware solutions
  • Incident Management: Receiving, logging, and responding to incoming calls, pages, and e-mails regarding PC and hardware problems
  • Monitoring: Continuously monitoring and testing PC performance to deliver ongoing performance metrics and reports

Want a full-service End-User Computing (EUC) solution for your organization? Visit our Virtualization Services page to learn how GANTECH can take your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to the next level.

GANTECH’s IT Systems Management goes beyond managing inventory of hardware and software components to managing the delivery of support and end-user services that help an organization achieve its business goals. With GANTECH as your partner, your IT management shifts from being passive to being active.

A sampling of our IT Systems Management capabilities include:

  • Managing and monitoring enterprise networks based on ITIL and ISO20000 proven methodologies
  • Implementing service desk and asset management software
  • Counseling customers on how to identify and remedy incidents
  • Maintaining a lifecycle management program for all hardware and software applications
  • Capacity planning and predictive modeling for power, space, cooling, storage, and networking capacity
  • Analyzing and evaluating new technologies/products for their applicability and feasibility
  • Designing and writing standard operating procedures
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • 24 x 7 x 365 on-call services to respond to emergency situations
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