GANTECH works with its customers to identify, train, and manage smart, talented technical experts who come to the table to implement technology solutions of all shapes and sizes. We are true collaborators. We invite openness and new ideas and believe that shared knowledge is the breeding ground for breakthrough solutions.

Read how our Technology Services team is inspired to elevate the customer experience.

Employee Experiences

In three words, how does GANTECH make you feel?


Rob LasCasas, Transportation Business Unit Systems Lead for a State of Maryland Transportation Agency

As a GANTECH employee and a contractor for a state of Maryland transportation agency for nearly 10 years, Rob LasCasas continually takes his role to the next level by elevating the customer experience, and GANTECH recognizes his commitment to customers. In 2012, Rob earned GANTECH’s most coveted annual award, the “G-Man Award,” which recognizes those who emulate the GANTECH brand.

“GANTECH makes me shine with the customer. There are many times when I’m asked by customers if there’s a specific technology solution that GANTECH can provide to help with challenges that arise. The team at headquarters is always available to collaborate with me and to discuss possibilities. The customer knows they can rely on me for ideas and solutions that work.”

Brandon Couser, Systems Administrator for a State of Maryland Transportation Agency

Through GANTECH’s commitment to providing professional development and training opportunities for its employees, Brandon Couser has been able to take his career to an entirely new level. Within two years of joining the company as a Slot Technician, Brandon made a big leap to follow a new career path, becoming a Systems Administrator. Brandon continually elevates the customer experience and was recognized for this early in his GANTECH career by earning the company’s Customer Service Super Star award.

“The best part about working at GANTECH is the team mentality. I’m more than just an employee plugged into a customer site—GANTECH sees me as an extension of the entire decision-making team. They seek my perspective on just about everything, which helps us deliver better solutions to our customers. This type of relationship gives our customers a 360-degree approach to customer service.”

Clayton Breakiron, Systems Administrator for a State of Maryland Transportation Agency

Clayton Breakiron joined GANTECH in May 2014 and in less than a year he realized what it meant to be a part of the GANTECH team. GANTECH elevated his work experience by fostering true connections with everyone in the company, including the senior leadership team.

“I love being a part of the customer solution. At GANTECH, I’m not just fixing the problems the customer experiences; I’m a part of the long-term solution. The best part is feeling like a true part of the Technology Services team. Getting a text that says, “you’re awesome” from senior leadership goes a long way in showing me they value the work I’m doing, which often involves going above and beyond the status quo for our customers.”

Let’s Collaborate

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