Our Culture

At GANTECH, you will find a culture of possibility thinking. People who are driven by making what was thought of as unthinkable, possible. We ask “What if?” instead of defaulting to “Yeah, but.” We elevate what others expect and always ask “How Can We Do This Better?”

Our culture ensures that employees can do what they love – both at work and away from work – and our generous benefits package supports a “Best Places to Work” environment. Careers at GANTECH combine professional development opportunities, a supportive work community, challenging job responsibilities and a team that recognizes and values people as our greatest assets.

Our employees rally behind our mission – to passionately transform emerging technology into value. What does this mean? We are excited to seek and discover new ideas, incubate innovation, and create solutions that consistently deliver.

Our Brand

GANTECH was founded with a passion for challenging the status quo; to solve emerging problems that have yet to be identified. We extend our expertise beyond technical advances to business innovation—taking the extra step of recognizing how technology can be used to solve problems and create opportunities in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

GANTECH is a responsive strategic partner delivering secure innovative solutions.

  • Responsive: we have a sense of urgency
  • Strategic: we are in it for the long haul
  • A Partner: our relationships are mutually beneficial
  • Focused on Delivery: we do what we say we are going to do
  • Secure: we protect you, your end users, and your mission critical data
  • Innovative: we make what was thought of as impossible, possible and always have an eye on the next generation
  • Solution-centric: we create what really matters to you

What We Value

GANTECH values Listen | Innovate | Deliver® to guide how we do business and build our culture.

Listen | GANTECH actively seeks to discover information and facilitate an open exchange of ideas. We listen to pinpoint and understand data center and technology issues.

Innovate | We will always ask, “How can we do this better?” First and foremost GANTECH will address your most critical needs followed by a 360-degree analysis of your larger IT environment to uncover opportunities for future growth and efficiencies. From this analysis, GANTECH will design custom solutions to solve emerging issues well before they become problems.

Deliver | We deliver on our promises. GANTECH is responsible and accountable for creating exceptional results—on time and within scope.

GANTECH Collaborates

At GANTECH, we work with you to define clear goals that are supportive of your needs and strategies. We constantly measure our progress toward achieving these goals, and hold ourselves accountable. Listen | Innovate | Deliver guides how we do business and makes our culture truly exceptional. These are the standards we hold each other accountable to in order to build a great brand.

As collaborative partners, we:

  • Listen to your needs and make you a priority
  • Cultivate and continuously maintain a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Are accountability-driven and results-focused
  • Utilize industry best practices and standards
  • Actively seek to discover and facilitate an open exchange of ideas, incubate innovation, and create solutions that consistently deliver and enable you to sustain exceptional results

We take what you have come to expect from a business relationship to a new level.

Opportunities to Work Here

Take your career to the next level and have fun at the same time. Join GANTECH’s team of game changers who like to push the boundaries of innovation and challenge the status quo.

Find an opportunity now.

Visit our blog for an inside look at our culture, innovation lab and perspective on trends shaping the next generation of IT.

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