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What makes GANTECH such a great place to work? GANTECH offers a workplace that provides something exceptional – the time and freedom that enables employees to do what they love.

GANTECH’s employee benefits go above and beyond the status quo, all with the goal of achieving the ultimate benefit: a consistent supply of doing what you love while loving what you do.

A Working Mom Can Have it All at GANTECH

Meet Christa Stolarik, Director of Technology Services

As many moms and dads can relate, Christa Stolarik packs snacks, cleats, tights, water bottles, mouth guards, and her work laptop when she heads out the door to cheer on her kids at the dance studio and on the field. Christa is a mom to three active children ranging in age from 5 to 13 years and successfully juggles work expectations, family time, and continuing her education.

Christa Stolarik cheering on her home team her kids
Christa Stolarik cheering on her favorite players- her kids.
The Stolarik team
(L-R) The Stolarik team: daughter Miley, husband Jan, sons Mason and Blake and Christa at a championship baseball game.

“Baseball is the sport that impacts my schedule the most. Games often start at 5 p.m., but we need to feed the kids, make sure their homework is completed and bags are packed before even heading out the door,” said Christa. “At GANTECH, I know I have the support in place to show that I can exceed my customers’ expectations without having to be tied to my desk. There’s mutual respect and trust that’s grown over the years. GANTECH knows that I won’t let them down, and they’ve given me my super mom cape, so I can do it all.”

“A family first philosophy is the reason why I work at GANTECH. GANTECH knows that happy customers are a direct result of happy employees. The company gives its employees the flexibility and the technology they need to maximize their time in and out of the office.” – Christa Stolarik, Director of Technology Services

As if she wasn’t already doing it all, Christa is also taking her education to the next level. She’s enrolled in a dual-degree masters program through University of Maryland University College (UMUC). GANTECH’s support goes beyond providing flexibility. The company provides tuition reimbursement for employees who want to continue their studies.

“The mentality that you’re a person and not a number cascades down from the senior leadership team,” continued Christa. “I extend the same level of flexibility to my business unit team members, because I know firsthand the importance of having time to do what you love and to love what you do. It absolutely elevates my commitment to customers and our culture here at GANTECH.”

Always Finding a New Route In the Lab and On the Bicycle

Meet Scott Stahr, Applications Developer

In less than a year, Scott Stahr has made a big impact at GANTECH. As the company’s applications developer, Scott levels-up SharePoint and ServiceNow applications to help increase productivity and collaboration among GANTECH’s employees and its customers. Scott developed and implemented the company’s SharePoint site, providing a centralized location for everyone to securely share, edit, and search documents – as well as adding a few unique bells and whistles that go beyond the status quo.

“I first learned about GANTECH from a job posting I found on I did some digging and read several articles about the awards they have won. They were even voted a top 50 ‘Best Places to Work’ in Baltimore. I was looking to have more fun at work – GANTECH has exceeded my expectations.” – Scott Stahr, Applications Developer

Scott Stahr
Scott Stahr preparing for a cycling excursion on one of his favorite trails. I’m not only encouraged but also expected to bring my ideas to senior leadership, which is a significant motivator for me. GANTECH was actually founded on the idea that we can do it better,” said Scott Stahr, Applications Developer at GANTECH. “They want me to tinker around in the lab to innovate.”

Scott takes advantage of GANTECH’s work-from-anywhere benefit. When he’s working in his home office, he’s able to jump on his road bike to get in a few miles. “It makes all the difference that I can incorporate my passion for cycling into my daily routine,” continued Scott.

“It’s the best feeling to unplug and focus on one thing – the road. Clearing my mind helps me take my work to an entirely new level. If I’m working through a problem with an application, cycling can provide clarity and a new perspective on a complicated program,” commented Scott. “Some people spark new ideas when they’re in the shower or making dinner; I find new ideas when I’m shifting into a new gear on my bike.”

An Outdoor Enthusiast Finds Her Passion 5,000 Miles Away

Meet Megan Strojny, Contracts Administrator II

No matter how far she tries to move away, Megan Strojny just can’t leave GANTECH. Within her six years at GANTECH, Megan has moved from the company’s headquarters in Maryland; to Tennessee; before settling on a new home office 5,000 miles away in Hawaii!

Megan began her career at GANTECH as an operations assistant reporting to the VP of Operations. After two years, she transitioned to a contract administrator role and now reports to GANTECH’s legal counsel.

“I initially thought the six hour time difference between Hawaii and Maryland would be a challenge, but I proved myself wrong. I’m responsive to our customers and an active member of our Contracts team while defining my eight hour workday, which leaves me with plenty of daylight hours to enjoy sun rays, beaches, and tropical hikes.” – Megan Strojny, Contracts Administrator II

Megan Strojny hikes the Makapu'u Lighthouse trail on Oahu, hoping to catch a glimpse of whales known to swim these waters.
Megan Strojny hikes the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail on Oahu, hoping to catch a glimpse of whales known to swim these waters. “When I told my manager I’d be leaving the company because my husband accepted a job in Tennessee, he immediately asked why I was leaving when I could still work for GANTECH,” said Megan Strojny. “This same conversation happened again when I said I was moving to Hawaii. I was thrilled to be supported by such a caring company and flexible team – we always figured out a way to make our long distance relationship work.”

A passion for the outdoors swept Megan away to Hawaii. She starts her day earlier than most at 6 a.m. but is able to disconnect around 2 p.m., leaving ample time to soak up the sun on Hawaii’s beaches and hike local trails with her family. “I can clear my mind when I’m outdoors. I’m refreshed, recharged, and motivated to take my work to the next level. I often think of new ideas or gain unique perspectives on complex situations that impact our customers while I’m unplugged outdoors. And, I think the vitamin D from the sunshine helps too,” commented Megan.

Megan Strojny shares her passion with her daughter with a tropical hike at Waimea Falls on the North Shore of Oahu.
Megan Strojny shares her passion with her daughter with a tropical hike at Waimea Falls on the North Shore of Oahu.

Megan continues to take advantage of GANTECH’s professional development programs from afar to elevate her expertise in contract administration. She’s able to participate remotely through online training programs, which provide best practices for negotiating, supporting, and managing contracts.

Talent Grows in GANTECH’s Innovation Lab

Meet Victor Okorie, Senior Virtualization Consultant

Originally from Nigeria, Victor Okorie moved to London when he was 18 to study electronic and computer engineering. He moved to Maryland in 2010 and was excited to find GANTECH.

“As I was job hunting, I quickly realized that many companies were doing IT the old way by only focusing on the hardware. I saw right away that GANTECH understood the future of IT: infrastructure and virtualization. I wanted in on this movement, so I took a service desk job at GANTECH.”

Victor received the GANTECH
Mia Millette, Ed Goode, Victor Okorie and Thomas Laskowski. Victor received the GANTECH “Rising Star Award,” in 2012 for his commitment to going above and beyond in his role.

Victor, a tinkerer at heart, possesses a passion for self-exploration and a fire in his belly for knowledge-seeking. In his spare time, he reads about technology solutions and spends hours in GANTECH’s innovation lab. His desire to excel led him to being named a GANTECH “Rising Star” within only a year of joining the company; within six months, he became the company’s Senior Virtualization Consultant.

“I’m always looking for ways to take my career to the next level, and my path typically begins in the lab. I learn by asking questions and then innovating from those lessons,” continued Victor. “At GANTECH, we have technology at our fingertips. Our lab gives us a setting to reproduce any client environment or problem, so we can troubleshoot, test techniques and confirm results before deploying solutions on the client’s site. Ultimately, that’s what we’re here for – to deliver better solutions for our customers.”

Within four short years, Victor earned GANTECH’s top honor – the “G-Man Award.”

“GANTECH changed the way I think about IT. I originally thought IT was a solution to fix a problem or need, but at GANTECH, it’s so much more. You’re inspired to elevate your thinking – going beyond solutions into the realm of possibilities.” – Victor Okorie, Senior Virtualization Consultant

founder and CEO of GANTECH, congratulates Victor Okorie on earning the
(L-R) Thomas Laskowski, founder and CEO of GANTECH, congratulates Victor Okorie on earning the “G-Man Award,” the company’s highest honor, given each year to the individual who fully lives the GANTECH brand.

A Master of Tae Kwon Do and GANTECH’s Operations

Meet Mohib (Mo) Zubairi, Consulting Operations Specialist

Since the age of 4, Mohib Zubairi knew he wanted to follow in Ralph Macchio’s footsteps as the Karate Kid. Cultivating his passion from such a young age gave Mohib unwavering determination; so much so that he’s now a Tae Kwon Do Master who teaches toddlers to seniors twice a week. He does this while carrying a full-time job where employees are held to very high standards of customer service and accessibility.

“GANTECH truly appreciates and respects my Tae Kwon Do practice. The entire company – not just my immediate supervisor – provides the flexibility I need to leave early on the days when I’m teaching,” said Mohib.

Mohib teaching a young student side kick techniques
Mohib teaching a young student side kick techniques.

“They recognize the parallels between teaching Tae Kwon Do and supporting customers. I’ve come out of my shell and feel more comfortable presenting to customers by using the same interpersonal skills I’ve gained while teaching. It feels amazing to be able to go above and beyond the call of duty for both myself and GANTECH’s customers.”

When he first joined GANTECH in 2012, Mohib was an Operations Coordinator. Today, this fourth degree black belt is a Consulting Operations Specialist and is inspired by learning something new every single day.

“From creating budget projections and statements of work to pricing models, I’m learning the ins and outs of financial and resource management,” continued Mohib. “The best part is that I feel energized coming into work to collaborate with colleagues who genuinely care about my growth in and out of the office.”

“GANTECH has created a culture of respect – respect for who I am at and away from the office, which is the ultimate employee perk.” – Mohib (Mo) Zubairi, Consulting Operations Specialist

Mohib teaching a young student side kick techniques
Mohib teaches his students the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do.

Intern Turned Full Time Employee Who Can Always Make Time for Extracurricular Fun

Meet Danny Chung, Business Intelligence Analyst

Danny Chung took his quest to find the perfect job to new levels through his internship at GANTECH.  Danny was attracted to GANTECH’s business analyst internship because he wanted to help a growing company expand its business while launching his career.  Danny collaborated with each business unit and GANTECH’s IT team to help increase efficiencies in operations. Danny was offered a full time position at GANTECH upon graduating from Towson University.

“GANTECH’s culture fosters mentorship, which has been extremely valuable for gaining experience in a number of different business functions. I’m able to see and touch so many different end-user computing and managed services solutions,” commented Danny Chung, Business Intelligence Analyst.

When he’s not gathering service requirements for ServiceNow or SharePoint applications, Danny can be found on the field playing soccer around the state with his traveling team. “Soccer helps me keep my competitive edge.  I always want to get better at soccer in the same way I always want to better myself in my career.”

Danny Chung GANTECH Ambassador
“The best part about my internship was being able to make a real difference in improving the company. And, I knew GANTECH appreciated my hard work by giving me flexibility so I could complete my degree and still have time to enjoy extracurricular activities like playing soccer.”


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